How to do your own Acrylic nails at home

Tired of paying way too much for acrylic nails? Do you want to learn how to do your own acrylic nails at home?


Well, in this post I’m going to show you how to do your own acrylics at home and turn your old boring nails into Malibu Barbie nails.

From this…

To this!!!

To start you’re going to need to make sure that you have all of the correct equipment.

Here’s a list of everything you will need in an acrylic started kit, to recreate these nails.


Equipment list

Nail Liquid

Chosen Powder

Nail Tools (Cuticle clipper, Tip cutter, Cuticle Pusher)




Nurture oil

Nail Brush

Large Dappen Dish

Nail Tips

Nail Glue

Buffer and File

Top Coat

Lint Free Wipes

Couch Roll

Nail Sponge

Silver Mirror Pigment

Base Coat

Top Coat


So now that you have everything it’s time to get started!


1.Using your cuticle pusher push the cuticles back on every nail.

2. Return to the first finger and remove any excess (if required).

3. File all nails into a neat short shape.

4. Using a file gently buff the nail bed all over and repeat on all nails.

5. Brush off excess dust.

6. Using a lint-free wipe, wipe the nail with nail pure.

7. Select tip sizes for application on all 10 nails.

8. Cut tips to the right length and file to the desired shape.

9. Apply one coat of primer to all 10 nails, wait one minute then repeat.

10. Using the buffer file gently buff the false tips.

11. Drench your brush in the nail liquid, wipe off excess on the sidewall of the liquid holder, gently place the brush into the chosen powder.

12. Place the bead at the top of the nail by the cuticle and gently brush down, continuously patting and brushing the powder onto the nail in order to get the right shape so there isn’t any lumps or bumps.

13. Don’t forget to wipe the brush to remove any excess acrylic.

14. Using a nail file, shape the side walls of the nail, repeat on all.

15. File gently around the cuticle area, repeat on all nails (lighter pressure gives greater results)

16. File over the whole nail giving shape, repeat on all nails

17. Brush off dust

18. Using a lint-free wipe and cleanse, wipe all 10 nails.

19. If applying gel polish, paint the base coat on then cure for 10 seconds nails and the paint with the coloured gel and place under a lamp for 60-120 seconds.

20. Apply top coat and place under a lamp for 60-120 seconds.

21. Using a sponge dip into the chrome powder and rub all over the nail for a chrome effect.

22. Apply top coat again and place under a lamp.

23. Place a drop of cuticle oil around the cuticle and rub in.

And you’re done!

These are my favourite nails, I always have pink nails and chrome pink is my absolute favourite!

If you are interested in starting a nail course you can buy a starter kit here, and if you are based in the Midlands are looking for a nail course I trained with Tweeks Academy, everyone there was really helpful and friendly, I would 100% recommend going there to train.

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Fake Huda Beauty Ruby Obsessions review

So I recently decided to buy a fake HudaBeauty palette from eBay to test whether it was just as good as the real thing.

I bought the palette for £3.75 from eBay about a week ago.

The real palette is £25 on Cult Beauty, so there is a huge difference in price.

The packaging is almost the same, the fonts are slightly odd, but the ruby’s on the front are completely different. The real palette has metallic reflexes in the ruby and the colours are bright red, whereas the eBay palette is more of a plum red.

                         Real                                                                        Fake

The first thing that I noticed was that the glitter pigments were completely different.

The Top middle ‘glitter’ pigment is more of a coral as opposed to fuchsia pink.

Also, the middle glitter on the right looks more bronze than deep purple.

The colours in the eBay palette are more bright than the original and don’t look exactly alike.

As you can see from the glitter swatches the colours are completely different.

The real palette (which is the first of every swatch) is much more pigmented, with real glitter reflexes running through the colour.

The fake palette has failed to mimic the glitters in the Ruby obsessions palette, especially the last colour, they look like they are two different palettes.

Again, we can see that the colours aren’t a close match, however, the colours do compliment each other. But I did notice that there was quite a lot of fall out from the fake palette and you needed to go over the colour about 2-3 times to get good pigmentation.

I have used the fake eBay palette on the left eye and the real HudaBeauty palette on my right eye.


At first glance, the eyes don’t look dramatically different, but if you look closely the right eye is more bright than the left. The colours stand out much more than the left eye. The left is much darker and the right was easier to blend the colours.

I decided to use the matte shades in the palette as the glitters didn’t look anything alike and I wanted the eyes to look as similar as possible, so I wanted to create a pink cut crease and use all of the matte colours to see what look I could create.

Overall, I was surprised with how the look turned out, I’m not in any way shocked that the palette isn’t exactly the same, there’s an old saying that I completely agree with ‘you pay peanuts you get monkeys.’

The glitter pigments especially would be difficult to replicate as the HudaBeauty brand are known for their chunky glitters so I’m not surprised that they look nothing alike.

I do think that you could use this palette again for a pink look and as it’s a small palette it can fit in your handbag or makeup bag and you could even take it on holiday.

This is what the overall look turned out like.

I’m pretty happy with the end result.

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