Bonded extensions



I’ve always wanted to have thick voluminous hair, but unfortunately my whole life I’ve had thin flat hair.

I recently bought synthetic extensions from Lulabellz, they were a decent price and were long but I found it difficult to colour match my hair to the extensions.

In the past I’ve tried weaves, but I found that they didn’t last very long and damaged my hair badly.

As the hair is sewn into your hair, it can get quite itchy and as your hair grows the weave grows out so you cannot brush the hair properly, so your hair gets very knotty.

The major ‘issue’ with getting bond is of course the price.

If you go to a local salon you’re more likely to get a reasonable price for the hair.

My hairdresser trained with Balmain hair, who can charge around £600 for bonded hair extensions.

That maybe fine for reality stars like Charlotte Crosby or Megan McKenna, however for the rest of us… it’s a bit much for hair!

I found a good deal for bonded extensions at Diva Hair and Beauty Salon in Tile Hill, Coventry.

I paid £230 for 100g of Brazillian hair.

The main problem we all face with colour matching, (especially for blondes) is getting the exact colour match, because hair is so complex and there are various shades to match.

My hairdresser Kianna, matched up my hair with the colour wheel and found two colours that matched perfectly.

I managed to get an appointment quite quickly considering how long you can usually wait.

I was able to get an appointment within a couple of weeks.

The application process of the extensions took roughly just over a couple of hours.

I was absolutely in love with the end result!

The hair blended in so well to my natural hair, and looked so silky smooth at the end.

My extensions were 23 inches in length, so quite long!

They are so easy to style, and are great for adding volume.

I had so many compliments on my hair, and I feel really confident.

Although, the aftercare can be quite tiresome.

You cannot leave the hair wet especially if you are going to sleep.

It’s important that you dry the hair after washing it.

When you are going to sleep you have to plait the hair to prevent it from knotting in the night and ruining the hair.

As my natural hair gets quite knotty, I have bought a tangle teaser to brush through my hair and keep it in good condition.

After 3 months the bonds need to be removed, some are likely to have fallen out, that’s normal.

You can send the hair off to be rebonded, and re-applied.

At Diva Salon they charge £80 to reapply them.

Of course, if you don’t take care of the hair, don’t keep it in good condition, then you won’t be able to reapply them.

However, if you prefer to have next bonds, then pay £230 for the new set.

It may be a bit pricey over the year, but the price of beauty is not cheap.

And it still works out cheaper than the one set of hair from Balmain.

So, go for it girl!

Richsuit review

Thinking about purchasing a wig from ?

Well DON’T!

About a month ago I was scrolling through Facebook and saw an advert for wigs.

I thought I’d look on the website as it seemed legit and I thought that Facebook wouldn’t advertise a bad website..

..I was wrong.

I saw a stunning platinum blonde wig that I loved, the website included a video of a girl trying on the wig and I thought that it looked fine.

The wigs were also on sale so they were half price.

So I scrolled through the website and saw a lovely silver wig and purchased that too.

Below are the images on the website of the silver wig I bought.

In total the wigs came to £46.97

Which considering they were supposed to be about £100, I thought I got a good deal.

The wigs arrived within 7-10 days which at the time I was impressed with.


I opened the wigs and they looked nothing like the photos on the website

I tried the “silver” wig on first..

I imagined that it would resemble Kim Kardashian, instead I looked like an old hag.

I’d honestly seen better wigs in my schools drama cupboard.

The platinum wig was infact platinum, but the roots were a greyish colour.

So it looked like my silver wig had been dipped in bleach.

Obviously, I wanted a refund.

That was easier said than done.


I thought I’d be able to find the return address on the website, but they didn’t actually say the address, all they said was that

“Our policy lasts 30 days. To be eligible for a return, your item must be unused and in the same condition that you received it. It must also be in the original packaging.”

I tried messaging them through their website, on Facebook as well as email.

I heard nothing for weeks.

Then I was really annoyed and demanded that they’d reply to me asap otherwise I’d get my refund if they give me the address or I complain to my credit card company.

They replied to me.

“Dear friend,we are fully sorry about the wigs.
Sometimes that it is hard to exactly look like the image online. I will confirm with our factory and discuss the factory and we will improve the quality of the wigs. Hope you can understand.”
I had to read it several times because the grammar was poor, and I couldn’t believe that they had completely dodged the question about giving me the return address, and admitted that they don’t exactly look like the images online. And they hope I ‘understand’ that basically I wasn’t getting my refund.
Well… I was furious.
I couldn’t believe how they’d spoken to me and addressed me as ‘friend’.
Although after my next email demanding that they give me the return address , I don’t think I was their ‘friend’ anymore LOL.

“Hi, have received your information, we will tell the factory feedback to your situation, to give you a reply later, please be patient and thank you for your support and understanding.”

Clearly I wasn’t getting anywhere.
So I contacted my credit card company and explained everything.
They were completely on my side, and got my refund back to me.
I would highly recommend researching companies before you buy from them, and if you purchase a product that isn’t what it was supposed to be to write a review to warn the next person.
I would never buy a product from Richsuit.
I thought that buying a wig from eBay or amazon would be a bad idea.
But I saw a wig review by Youtube star Jordan Lipscombe after she’d purchased different styled wigs from Amazon.
They were way better than the wigs I bought.
And at least you can return them easily if buy them from Amazon.
Anyways, Thank you so much for reading, hope this helps!

21 in New York


New Yoooork, concrete jungle where dreams are made of, there’s nothing you can’t do now you’re in New York. 

Firstly, let me just say how excited I am to write my first post on my blog!

At first I struggled thinking what to write about, and then decided to write about the most amazing trip ever, it certainly lived up to it’s expectations.


We flew out from Manchester to JFK airport with Thomas Cook, that is a different story entirely!

I’ll write a separate post on flying long hall with Thomas Cook.

I clearly remember sitting in the shuttle bus driving towards NYC anticipating what the city would be like, and then suddenly the skyline of the city appeared, it was truly breathtaking!

When we were driving through NYC it was like being a movie, yellow cabs everywhere, food stalls on every avenue, Louis Vuitton, Macy’s, Saks, Tiffany’s, and of course Times Square.

After the long journey from Manchester airport to JFK I was exhausted and couldn’t wait to check into the hotel.

I stayed in the Millennium broadway, It was better than I thought it would be!

We were upgraded to the superior room on the 49th floor as it was for my birthday.

The room was very spacious and clean, and had lovely view of NYC, and the hotel was just round the corner from Times Square, and right next to Sephora, PERFECT!

The first day in New York I got a coach out of the city to New Jersey to visit Woodbury Common outlet centre.


I couldn’t believe how amazing it was.

I thought Bicester village was good.

It was nothing on Woodbury.

There were sales everywhere!

When dropped off at Woodbury Common, you are greeted at the reception with a map.

For a short time only when I was there you could donate $10 to a cancer charity and receive 25% off one item in the shops participating.

My arms were completely full of shopping bags.

The discounts were insane.

I bought a pair of ice white Timberland boots that cost usually £160 on Missguided, but I got them for $75. Bargain!

I also got amazing clothes,shoes and more from: Tommy Hilfiger, Hunter, Calvin Klein, Puma, Ralph Lauren, Yankee Candle, MAC cosmetics and more!

I would 100% recommend to anyone visiting New York to go to Woodbury Common, as it’s a lot cheaper than buying from NYC.

As I booked the trip because it was my birthday, I had an amazing time celebrating my 21st in the big apple.

I started my birthday on 30th April, waking up to my hotel room full of balloons and banners saying happy birthday.

I’d never spent my birthday abroad so it was an amazing feeling waking up somewhere new to celebrate the day, considering most girls my age spend their birthday out in town and forgetting most of the night.

I had breakfast in the hotel, which was lovely are there was a small range to choose from, including: cereals, fresh fruit and pastries.


Later on I had an amazing time celebrating my birthday on this Spirit Cruise.

It was raining slightly, and I was worried my hair would flat or my makeup would get ruined!

Fortunately, we didn’t have to wait long, PHEW!!

We were greeted by our waitress for the night, Julianna who bought us our complimentary glass of wine.

It had lovely cocktails on board, amazing DJ, and really tasty food.

Especially as I’m a really picky eater, and was worried I wouldn’t like the food, but I did enjoy the meal on the boat.

We had purchased a table by the window, the view was breathtaking!

The table by the window was at an extra cost, however I thought it was worth it, especially at night when New York came alive.

The service onboard was outstanding, our waitress was Julianna and she was amazing, we certainly felt pampered whilst on the spirit cruise.

The boat was surprisingly spacious, and decorated very modern.

The DJ played a range of music, as well as any requested… so obviously I made sure to request some.

As the music was so good me and mum managed to get some of the people on board up and dancing, including a young couple celebrating their anniversary!

As we were lively and fun, the bar staff gave us free champagne and shots for being the most entertaining on board. YES!!!!

Overall I had an amazing birthday, and I don’t think I could have celebrated any where better than on the spirit cruise in NYC.

At the end of the night I was given a free dessert as well as a large punch bowl glass with Spirit Cruise written on the front.

I would love to go again, as I loved every minute of it!

I’d definitely 100% recommend going on the spirit cruise, especially for a birthday or celebration.

And a little shout out to Nicki (mum) who payed for the cruise and everything on my birthday.

Best birthday ever! 

The last day of being in New York we visited the statue of liberty and 9/11 memorial.

It was a lovely day and was a beautiful memorial.

Each year on everyone’s birthday the staff at the memorial place a white rose on the persons name, so their birthday will be remembered and celebrated, and never forgotten.

The trip was very hectic, the city certainly did not sleep! But it was a trip to remember, and I had a great time celebrating my 21st.

I would love to go back to NYC, especially at Christmas time!

Hope this has helped anyone planning on going to NYC.

I would definitely recommend the Millennium Broadway to stay in.

Thank you so much for reading my first ever blog post.

Don’t forget to follow my blog to keep updated on when I post!