Most Iconic makeup looks of the 00s

Music from the 2000s has to be my all time favourite, I can remember listening to Beyonce, Ashanti and Mary J. Blige from a young age.

I feel that some of their looks have inspired me today, especially with makeup.

So, I’m going to look back on some of the most Iconic makeup looks in the 00s, and it is going to be a huge throwback!

  1. It’s Britney B**ch.

Britney was an icon back in the early 2000s, with her hits of Toxic and Baby One More Time and quickly becoming the Princess of pop, every girl wanted to be like Britney.

But for me, her most Iconic look has to be the I’m a slave for you, makeup.

Britney is slaying the smoky cut crease look, the turquoise shadow and highlighted brow bone really make her eyes pop, and I love the nude glossy lip.

Obviously, a lot of Britney’s makeup looks are amazing, but for me, I love the eye look in Slave for you.


2. Christina Aguilera

Know we all know Christina for being a bit well Dirrty, but her fashion and makeup over the years has been experimental and pushed the boundaries.

There so many of her look’s that I love; Candyman, Tilt Ya Head Back and Burlesque.

But the all-time glamorous look has to be Moulin-Rouge

This heavy purple smoky eye look with deep cherry red lipstick is certainly memorable.

The diamond necklace and red satin gloves compliment the eyes, I really love the gems either side of her eyes, the look oozes glamour.


3. Beyonce

Queen B has been an icon since her debut days in Destiny’s Child back in the 90s.

Her style has always been prominent and there are so many of her songs that I love.

For me, the most Iconic look has to be in Naughty Girl.

The song opens with her wearing a stunning pink dress with diamonds and suspender tights.

But her smoky eye look and bronzed contour stand out, clearly, B is ahead of the makeup game.

Next shes wearing a beautiful red lace dress, with a fur jacket with a glossy red lipstick.

Both looks are iconic, there are so many makeup looks that Beyonce wears that are stunning.


4. Jenny from the block

Jlo has been a beauty icon since day one, and we all know that her love don’t cost a thing, but I bet her makeup bag does!

Jlo’s makeup look in Jenny from the block is so dewy, her skin is glowy and radiant and her statement red lipstick is bold for the makeup look.

The natural thin brows emphasise the gold shadow and highlight on her inner corner.

What I like about this look is how glowy her skin looks and how JLo is wearing a pair of large hoop earrings and a fur coat to tie the look together.

The makeup is simple but it stands out.


5. Blu Cantrell

Blu Cantrell’s most iconic look has to be from her Breathe music video with Sean Paul, where she is wearing striking blue contact lenses.

Clearly, we can tell by the video that she loves the colour blue.

Her contact lenses are a stunning pale blue, with a pair of lashes even on the bottom lash.

Blue Cantrell’s glossy nude lip compliments the eye-look and makes her skin appear flawless and glowing.


That’s it for my most Iconic 00s makeup looks, please comment below and let me know which makeup look you like the most.

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