Inside the world’s biggest Primark


So Yesterday the world’s biggest Primark opened, and I’m still shook!

The store was so big I felt like I was in a department store. It has four floors, a beauty salon, eateries, a Disney cafe and so much more.

The store embraces the city of Birmingham and being a fellow Brummie myself I felt very welcome.

When you first walk into the shop there is a real buzz about the place, maybe that’s because they have their own DJ playing Drake and some old school Ashanti.

There are also bright lights around that say ‘hello Brum’ as well as I love Birmingham bag, as and other Brummie merchandise.

There’s even a signpost in the middle of the shop for if you get lost, which admittedly I did. Oops!

The store is certainly different from the last one on New Street, definitely better!

I couldn’t believe how big the store was, it’s unlike anything I’ve seen before!

It even had a large range of products from leisure, home, stationery, lingerie, smart-wear, and beauty.

The makeup section was unreal!

There range of lipsticks was insane, I managed to pick up a few nude lipsticks for 90p! DAMN GIRL!

Ok, the matte lipsticks were £1.50, but they’re still a good price.

I even managed to pick up a cute pair of Minnie Mouse eyelashes in the style MAGICAL for only £2. Bargain.


The beauty section itself was huge, there’s even a stand with a range of beauty brands as well as Alex Steinherr’s skin care collection.

If that wasn’t enough there’s even a whole wall dedicated to false eyelashes.

There’s also a section for all of the little things you need in your makeup bag, i.e. makeup wipes, lash curlers, moisturisers, tweezers, face masks and cotton pads. Perfect for the holiday season, we need all of our beauty essentials when we’re on holiday. The last thing we need is to run out of makeup wipes while we’re away.

The Disney cafe was really cute, although there was quite a long queue.

Are we surprised though?

It is so amazing when you look into the cafe, you walk through huge Mickey Mouse ears to get into the cafe and there’s so much there!

There’s a gaming area, photos of Mickey and Minnie and plenty of selfie walls.

They serve different types of food, as well as milkshakes, pancakes, waffles, fruit. They’re even shaped like Mickey Mouse.

This post is making me hungry just thinking about it!

If you haven’t already been to the world’s biggest Primark in Birmingham then you need to go!

It is so big inside so you will need to take your time when shopping in there, I still feel like I’ve missed so much and need to go back!

I hope that you’ve enjoyed reading my post, please let me know what you think!

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