The Great Birmingham Bark Off

So last week, Halloween to be precise. I decided to raise money for a local charity that I care about.

The Birmingham dog’s home has recently moved location following a terrific fire in 2013 that burned down the entire building.

I decided to make the bake sale Halloween themed.

The bake sale was during one of my lectures at Birmingham City University, at a reasonable price for staff and students.

My cupcakes were chocolate and vanilla sponge, with orange and green frosting with Haribo Halloween sweets on and handmade spiders made out of black icing.

There was also rocky road, which was really easy to make, as it contains: chocolate, digestive biscuits, marshmallows, glazed cherries, and popcorn.

Although, the favourite thing from the bake sale was my chocolate chip cookies.

They were really easy to make as there aren’t many ingredients required, and they take roughly 7-9 minutes to bake.

I really enjoyed doing the bake sale as I received good feedback from it and I loved baking everything, and of course, it’s for a great cause.

Please feel free to visit the Birmingham dog’s home website to find out more about what they do and how you can get involved with any fundraising.

Also if you would like to learn how I bake my homemade cookies please comment and I’ll post on my blog the simple but very tasty cookie recipe!

I can also upload my easy rocky road recipe as well!


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