My favourite vlogger

So recently I was scrolling through YouTube. As you do.

And I was watching some of my favourite bloggers like Hannah Renee, Rachel Leary and Jordan Lipscombe.

When I saw a makeup tutorial by Gemma Louise Miles. So I watched it.

Her makeup is stunning and her house is amazing!

Her style and decor is unbelievable!

I was surprised at first that she was British, as usually when I click on a makeup tutorial it’s by someone American or Australian.

So she blogs about shops that we can go to in the uk. YES!!

There’s nothing worse when you click on a tutorial and all of the makeup is from Sephora..

The struggle is real!

Anyways, Gemma’s house looks like something from Vogue or Elle.

However, Gemma blogs about buying things for her home for Primark and B&M.

Cheap as chips.

Great for us girlies on a budget!

Gemma’s following is huge!

With over 50k followers on Youtube and 45k on Instagram.

Her instagram is so girly, with selfies and outfit of the day photos and videos from her Youtube channel.

She posts regularly on her social media and uploads 2-3 times a week on YouTube.

My favourite video’s she uploads to her channel are her Primark hauls, as I do love Primark, and I love a good deal!

She confident in-front of the camera, really chatty and sweet.

I would 100% recommend watching her channel she’s so lovely and her style is so like mine.

If you aren’t already subscribe to her channel and follow her on Instagram.

I’m really excited to see her Christmas uploads as she did mention that she would be doing baking for both Halloween and Christmas.


I can’t wait for Christmas now!

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed this post!

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