Richsuit review

Thinking about purchasing a wig from ?

Well DON’T!

About a month ago I was scrolling through Facebook and saw an advert for wigs.

I thought I’d look on the website as it seemed legit and I thought that Facebook wouldn’t advertise a bad website..

..I was wrong.

I saw a stunning platinum blonde wig that I loved, the website included a video of a girl trying on the wig and I thought that it looked fine.

The wigs were also on sale so they were half price.

So I scrolled through the website and saw a lovely silver wig and purchased that too.

Below are the images on the website of the silver wig I bought.

In total the wigs came to £46.97

Which considering they were supposed to be about £100, I thought I got a good deal.

The wigs arrived within 7-10 days which at the time I was impressed with.


I opened the wigs and they looked nothing like the photos on the website

I tried the “silver” wig on first..

I imagined that it would resemble Kim Kardashian, instead I looked like an old hag.

I’d honestly seen better wigs in my schools drama cupboard.

The platinum wig was infact platinum, but the roots were a greyish colour.

So it looked like my silver wig had been dipped in bleach.

Obviously, I wanted a refund.

That was easier said than done.


I thought I’d be able to find the return address on the website, but they didn’t actually say the address, all they said was that

“Our policy lasts 30 days. To be eligible for a return, your item must be unused and in the same condition that you received it. It must also be in the original packaging.”

I tried messaging them through their website, on Facebook as well as email.

I heard nothing for weeks.

Then I was really annoyed and demanded that they’d reply to me asap otherwise I’d get my refund if they give me the address or I complain to my credit card company.

They replied to me.

“Dear friend,we are fully sorry about the wigs.
Sometimes that it is hard to exactly look like the image online. I will confirm with our factory and discuss the factory and we will improve the quality of the wigs. Hope you can understand.”
I had to read it several times because the grammar was poor, and I couldn’t believe that they had completely dodged the question about giving me the return address, and admitted that they don’t exactly look like the images online. And they hope I ‘understand’ that basically I wasn’t getting my refund.
Well… I was furious.
I couldn’t believe how they’d spoken to me and addressed me as ‘friend’.
Although after my next email demanding that they give me the return address , I don’t think I was their ‘friend’ anymore LOL.

“Hi, have received your information, we will tell the factory feedback to your situation, to give you a reply later, please be patient and thank you for your support and understanding.”

Clearly I wasn’t getting anywhere.
So I contacted my credit card company and explained everything.
They were completely on my side, and got my refund back to me.
I would highly recommend researching companies before you buy from them, and if you purchase a product that isn’t what it was supposed to be to write a review to warn the next person.
I would never buy a product from Richsuit.
I thought that buying a wig from eBay or amazon would be a bad idea.
But I saw a wig review by Youtube star Jordan Lipscombe after she’d purchased different styled wigs from Amazon.
They were way better than the wigs I bought.
And at least you can return them easily if buy them from Amazon.
Anyways, Thank you so much for reading, hope this helps!

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